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Become your best-self when making critical decisions

learn sustainable solutions

to embody resilience

Discover a technique that can be implemented in the moment to reduce stress & calm the mind and body

Instant Calm

Find relief from repetitive tasks such as typing, pipetting, or texting

Physical Relief

Having established peer support groups can give employees additional assistance when times feel tough

Peer Support


Mindgen leads interactive workshops, virtual programs, and coaching to transform stress through building resilience. Resilience is the ability to bounce quickly from difficulties and is a skill that can be cultivated. 

Criminal justice professionals see the worst in humanity through crime scenes, case descriptions, physical evidence, court testimony, and victim accounts. On top of other workplace pressures these unique industry issues can induce stress, vicarious trauma & moral injury.

Let our expert team help you:

Make clearer decisions INSTEAD OF rush judgments

Induce relaxation for better sleep INSTEAD OF staying up all night worrying

Feel your best-self INSTEAD OF stressed out

Have more patience with others INSTEAD OF snapping at people you care about


Respond with less bias INSTEAD OF reacting in an adversarial system

The Evidence Within Lab

8- week mindfulness based resilience program for criminal justice professionals

This Lab is a virtual 8-week program that teaches criminal justice professionals evidence-based resiliency skill sets that includes coaching and accountability to maximize positive habit formation to transform stress