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Instant Calm

Discover a technique that can be implemented in the moment to reduce stress & calm the mind and body

Physical Relief

Find relief from repetitive tasks such as typing, pipetting, or texting

Radiant Health

Stress can take a toll on physical and mental health. Learn about this body/mind connection and tactics for recovery

Brain Dump

Working with thoughts through journaling can be an effective way to clear the mind for the next best actions

Destress at Work

Whether you work from an office or at home this guide will help you plan in mindful moments to relieve stress throughout the day

Peer Support

Having established peer support groups can give employees additional assistance when times feel tough

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Mindgen coaches individuals and small groups to find the silence and stillness that rests within. When you stop doing, you start knowing. Training available for all levels. Manage stress, receive a personal mantra, awaken your powers of resilience

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