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The Evidence Within Lab

8-week mindfulness based resilience program  to transform stress and improve the quality of work and life

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8-week Lab Syllabus:

Each week contains audio lesson(s) on the lab topic, handouts, and action items educating and supporting you to build a positive relationship with stress. 
Pre-lab: Set yourself up for success

Week 1: Mindfulness foundation

Week 2: Stress

Week 3: Vicarious trauma

Week 4: Mindful awareness

Week 5: Conscious communication

Week 6: Resilience

Week 7: Self-compassion

Week 8: Sustainability

Bonus Items:

4x Group Coaching Calls

Accountability Group

Guide: Gratitude

Guide: Destress at Your Desk

The law enforcement mental health and wellness act was signed into law January 2018 and recognizes that law enforcement agencies need and deserve support in their ongoing efforts to protect the mental health and well-being of their employees.

Good mental and psychological health is just as essential as good physical health for law enforcement officers to be effective in keeping our country and our communities safe from crime and violence.


Recommendations to Congress included: peer support, increased focus on mental health issues, crisis lines, regular mental health check-ins, & extend support to non-sworn staff

The American Society of Crime Lab Directors has also published a position statement on stress and vicarious trauma in the crime lab. Which in part reads: The forensic science profession must counteract the negative impact stress and vicarious trauma have on its personnel and should act to develop a resilient workforce. Paying attention to the health and wellness of forensic practitioners will facilitate the timeliness and quality of work performed on behalf of the criminal justice system. 

Both of these statements support that staff working within criminal justice need health & wellness support!

I get it, I've been there!  When I was in a burnout stage I had no idea where to go for help but knew in my heart I had to find tools for myself and for others. I had to raise awareness in the field that attention needed to be placed on these issues.  Even professionals that may be working in the background on cases can still pick up on and feel the trauma from the crimes they are working. 

Being a scientist I hit up literature for solutions and that started my journey in transforming my own relationship with stress. I've taken the practices and knowledge learned from studying mindfulness, meditation, ancient wisdom, yoga, and forensic science to provide tools for transformation. 

The Evidence Within Lab is packed full of evidence-based (backed by research) solutions to cultivate resilience. You won't be out on your own to figure it out. The lab includes audio lessons, handouts, and action items designed specifically so you can cultivate positive habits to bounce back from industry pressures faster. You have the option to join an accountability group for the 8 weeks and join in on 4 group coaching calls too. You will be supported the entire time!