The Evidence Within Lab

mindfulness based resilience program

for criminal justice professionals

Lab Syllabus


Pre-Lab: learn how to set yourself up for course success and build powerful habits


Mindfulness: discover the neuroscience behind mindfulness and how to can be a powerful resilience tool


Stress: assess how stress affects different aspects of your life and the impact to your zone of resilience

Lessons are succinct

  • entire program mapped out

  • 5-10 minute weekly audio lessons

  • progressive daily action items


Vicarious Trauma: receive an overview of vicarious trauma and biological strategies to work with vagas nerve and diaphragm


Awareness: practice cultivating awareness to respond better to adversity and when making critical decisions


Communication: grasp a better understanding of communication barriers that exist between you can others and how to consciously communicate

Evidence- Based Resilience Tools

  • make better decisions

  • respond instead of react

  • take back control


Resilience: dive deeper into concepts of  resilience and post traumatic growth 


Self-compassion: develop more self-compassion that may lead to increased motivation and improvement


Sustainability: reinforcement of what you have learned and how to sustain practices after the program ends

You Can Do This

  • private, online accountability group

  • 4 x live and recorded video coaching calls

  • easy course access


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