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Values that build resilience in uncertain times

The uncertainty of the unknown lives in every moment; however, it is often masked by our routines and assumptions. With our regular routines at work and home disrupted, the uncertainty of the unknown feels more apparent. Daily unmet expectations limit our ability to see clearly, make good decisions, and experience fulfillment. Resilience is not just bouncing back after a challenge but mastering the perception of the moment and cultivating a natural ability to show up as our best self. Resilience could be considered the ability to prepare for, adapt, and recover from uncertainty, adversity, stress, and trauma. 

Identifying and returning to core values that align with your best self can propel you from a state of fear to a state of personal growth. The following values can offer consistency in transforming how you view uncertainty and help you navigate each moment. 

Present Moment. The ability to connect to the present moment is a platform for any situation. At this time, we are being faced with a large pattern interrupt. The moment may be clouded by trying to figure out how to show up for work, be isolated with others that may not align with you, manage virtual learning for your children, or caring for the ill. But alas we are slowing down in some ways and have a new ability to decide how to spend our time as events, sports, travel, and get-togethers are on hold. If you can arrive physically, mentally, and emotionally in the present moment, slow down, and listen, it will prepare you for what to do next. There is power in being able to resist ruminating about the past and playing out future scenarios. Find stillness right here, right now, and you will be better at everything you do. 

Gratitude. Placing attention on gratitude can shift thinking from one of scarcity to one of abundance. A gratitude practice can improve overall well-being and increase the satisfaction of everyday life. It helps pivot awareness to pay attention to how we are being fulfilled. It gives the brain space to stop looking for threats and focuses on what is positive at the moment, which is often overlooked. Bring to mind something you are grateful for at this moment and hold the memory for 20 seconds.

Joy. Shift to things that bring you joy. Pay attention to the common language you use to express the activities you already find yourself doing. Consider if you are showing up because you have to do something, get to do something, or want to do something. If the time in between waking up and getting to sleep is not filled with anything joyous, struggle will eventually set in and may be amplified by uncertainty. Reflect on what you want to be doing and see how you can shift to add in more joy every day. 

Nourishing Connection. In the world of physical distancing and virtual calls, connection may feel harder to come by or even passive. It can feel challenging to connect with a minimum of 6’ distance, face mask, and video camera providing barriers. Body language is lost, which accounts for much of how we communicate and express ourselves to others. However, healthy relationships have a direct connection to our internal happiness. Uncertain times may require creativity and spontaneity to enhance connection. Focus on the people that show up for you, support you, and cheer you on no matter what.


Trust. Everything you have done up until this moment has led you to this moment. You have already overcome so much. You have met every challenge and found yourself on the other side of it. Trying to managing things outside of our control can be one of the most significant causes of stress, anxiety, and depression. Uncertain times call for surrendering and shifting to what you can control. Trust can be met with relief and confidence that you can handle this moment and take the right actions. 

Fear of the unknown can be a substantial threat to physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Use the values of the present moment, gratitude, joy, nourishing connection, and trust or get clear on your own values to cultivate tools to shift you from fear to personal growth. I’d love to hear from you- email me at what value(s) do you lean on the most in uncertainty?

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