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Podcast- Mental Agility for Forensic Scientists- A Chance for Change

Podcast- Chance for Change

Released December 13, 2020

In this conversation, Amy and I discuss how our own mindfulness practices have been put to work during this global pandemic. We talk about how the role of reflection and re-evaluation of our life goals have provided a chance for growth and opening up when so many may feel like shutting down. Amy provides a practical path to create change by getting a clear understanding of our priorities and values so we may then take manageable steps toward fulfilling the goal. She shares many of her personal practices and how to develop a day-to-day way of mindful living so we can move toward being our best self. This is a great chance to reflect on 2020 and set ourselves up to move forward in 2021.

Host: Jen Dillon -

Sponsored by: Midwestern Association of Forensic Scientists -

Music: Joseph McDade

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