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Nakshatra Birth Star Mantra

meditate with a personal mantra

Mindgen will give you a personal mantra based on the name of the light from the star in alignment with the moon at the moment you were born. A moment when you were your most unconditioned self- pure, whole, and perfect.


Meditate with your

Nakshatra Birth Star Mantra


Nakshatra Mantra Meditation

Nakshatra birth star mantras are a personal experience that guides you to move into silence and stillness. According to ancient Joytish calculations of heavenly bodies, this mantra is derived from the star in alignment with the moon at the moment you were born. 


27 Nakshatras

Nakshatras date back 5,000 years and can be traced back to ancient Rig Veda, Chinese, Babylonian and Egyptian astronomers. Each 24 hour period in a month has a Sanskrit vibration based on star or star clusters visible during that time. Nakshatras help track seasons, mark the passage of time, and celebrate auspicious occasions. There are 27 Nakshatra seed sounds in this school of meditation. 


Birth Star Calculations

A Nakshatra Mantra is based on the place, date, and time of a person's birth which is correlated to the specific vibrations of the Universe. Based on birth information, the vibration is calculated. Once this unique seed sound is identified it is combined with other vibrations to create an individual's personal Nakshatra Mantra. 

Explorer Programs

Your Nakshatra Birth Star Mantra is the vibration the universe was making at the moment you passed from the unmanifest into the manifest and came into this world of form and phenomena



1. How can I get my personal Nakshatra Mantra?

Mindgen provides a mantra ceremony apart of the Mindzen Explorer Program. Mindgen can also provide ceremonies at workshops and retreats. 

2. What is a mantra ceremony?

Receiving your Nakshatra Birth Star Mantra is a personal experience. The vibration of the mantra should be kept sacred and not revealed to anyone else. Essentially you want to herald the vibrational power of the mantra and keeping it silent ensures that. The ceremony is a ritual in which you learn your Nakshatra Mantra, practice with it, get comfortable using it, and meditate using it. 

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