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Mindful Forensics

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Amy discusses  mindfulness & the forensic practitioner

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Mindful Forensics Testimonials

Loved this, wish it was more widespread or that these talks can come to our lab as a whole! Could do wonders for changing the attitude of the workplace! Great workshop!  -ISHI 28 Attendee

Great presentation on mindfulness in the workplace. The science behind mindfulness was good, things I have not heard before. This type of training is needed for balance/de-stress in the workplace.   -VADFS Attendee

The Mid-Atlantic Association of Forensic Scientists (MAAFS) was honored to have Amy Jeanguenat from Mindgen, LLC as the keynote speaker for our 2017 annual meeting.  Ms. Jeanguenat’s presentation was extremely well received by our membership which expands into all fields of forensic science.  She spoke about the power of mindfulness and lead exercises to demonstrate techniques to increase focus, attention, and decision-making ability.  Ms. Jeanguenat was able to relate to her audience on a personal level and is a captivating speaker.  I would have no hesitation scheduling her to speak at another MAAFS meeting and leave her with nothing but my most positive endorsement!  - MAAFS Board

Building Mental Strength for Career Sustainability

Amy explains how practicing mindfulness can lengthen tenures for forensic scientists as well as provide coping mechanisms for everyday stress

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