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Meditate with Mindgen

Align then Act

Mindgen will teach you how to tap into

the silence and stillness that rests inside.

When you stop doing, you start knowing. 

Witnessing the breathMindgen Meditation
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Become a Mindgen Explorer

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Beginner's Mind Explorer

4 session program to explore how to use meditation as an antidote to stress. Learn how to detect stress in your body, cultivate a meditation practice, the science of meditation, and develop a plan to meet your needs.

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Mindzen Explorer

4 session program to build on the beginner's mind, dive deeper into meditation benefits ritualizing your practices and receive your own personal mantra.

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Transformation Explorer

4 session program to awaken your powers of resilience. Build on the previous paths by learning how to awaken Universal teachings of transformation. 

Explorer Programs

Meditation is a powerful antidote to stress

 When you learn how to get still, even for just a moment, you can awaken the ability to tap into inner wisdom

How to Meditate- witnessingMindgen Meditations
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1. How are the courses administered?

Content for each course will be provided through a virtual video platform. Supplemental material may be provided through e-mail or an online application. 

2. How long is each video session?

Live video sessions average 45-60 minutes. 

3. What is the time expected to complete the courses?

For the Beginner's Mind Explorer course, outside of the video sessions, there is a minimum expected daily practice of 5-10 minutes. 

The Mindzen and Transformation Explorer courses deepen your practices and length of time may be customized to an individual's experience and goals. 

4. How do I know which course to start with?

Beginner's Mind is designed for individuals and organizations which are just starting to explore resilience, crisis meditators and those that do not have a consistent meditation practice. 

Mindzen is meant to strengthen and ritualize meditation practices. It is recommended for individuals and organizations that have been practicing consistently for at least 6 months. 

Transformation goes deep into the transformative power of resilience practices. Individuals and organizations should have completed Mindzen training as a prerequisite. 

5. I'm an individual do you offer 1:1 coaching for these courses?

Yes, 1:1 training is available. Please see FAQ #8 to start your journey 

6. I'm an organization, how can I provide this training to my employees?

Mindgen offers small group training for these courses. Depending on the number of employees interested, Mindgen may run multiple small group sessions for your organization. See FAQ #8 to start your journey. 

7. I noticed Mindgen tends to work with criminal justice professionals, what if I do something else?

Mindgen's founder spent her career working within the criminal justice system but can customize programs for other fields and individuals. Mindgen is an expert in fields that experience occupational stress, vicarious trauma, and/or burnout. Mindgen also helps Moms and parents who are working and trying to raise a family. 

8. How do I get started?

Email Mindgen at or schedule a discovery call to pick the right plan for you. 

Fall 2020 Prices - must schedule your first session before November 30th

Individuals (private 1:1 sessions); video and microphone required

Warrior: $80

Package: 4 classes (saves 10%): $288

Groups (up to 10 people per session); video and microphone required

Tribe: $400

Group Package: 4 classes (saves $100): $1500

9. Are there any risks to meditating?

Meditation has been demonstrated to reduce anxiety, pain, depression, and transform the view of stress. A person who learns to meditate and builds a daily habit may see improvements in decision making, responsiveness, and ability to induce a relaxation response. Mindfulness and meditation are often techniques recommended to improve mental health. However, meditation and these courses are not a replacement for therapy. If you have unresolved past or current trauma it is recommended to talk with your doctor before starting a meditation practice. 

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