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20 ways to use
20 FREE minutes with mindgen

  • Get advice on how to start a meditation practice

  • Tweak your meditation practice so you do it

  • How to self-regulate your nervous system

  • Insert a pattern interrupt during difficult emotions

  • Workshop an asana pose for your body

  • Bring Mindgen modules into your Yoga Teacher Training Program

  • Tips for living in the season

  • What’s your dosha tendencies

  • Increasing daily self-care habits

  • Overcoming Zoom fatigue

  • Introduce mindfulness with your work team

  • Add small group sessions to your office thriving plan

  • Book recommendations for your sacred practice

  • Be guided through a meditation

  • Hold space for you to rest

  • Discuss a yoga sutra

  • Practice breathing techniques

  • Begin foundations of 8-limbs of yoga

  • Receive personalized 1:1 coaching

  • Tips for plant forward-eating

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