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Mindgen Art Studio

Hello! In 2022 I traded pipettes for paintbrushes. The practice of Yoga guides me toward joy and often outside of meditation, joy is art! It was not easy to retire from my career job and do something completely different but, the process has been rewarding in many ways.


In November 2022, I showed art publically for the first time in three art shows in Central, VA.  


Serious commission requests can be made through the contact form on this website or by emailing

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A Night at the Movies

Oct 28th- Nov 30th

Violet Crown Theater Lobby

Charlottesville, VA

Jeanguenat-A-9x12-mixed media-1 (2).jpg

Fluvanna Art Association- Juried Art Show

Nov 5th- Nov 28th

Carysbrook Performing Art Center

Palmyra, VA

Jeanguenat-A-18x24-acrylic-1_Fall Show (3).jpg

Fluvanna Art Association- Fall Show

Nov 7th- Dec 9th

Fluvanna County Library

Palmyra, VA

Artwork Preview

Artwork available for purchase can be found in the online shop
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