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Amy J Bio (she/her)
Jeanguenat is pronounced JAWN-GWA-NAW
say it fast and French 

Mental Strength Training

Wisdom for Work

Resilience Building

Conscious Communication

Mindful Leadership

Sacred Living

The Formal Stuff:
MFS- Molecular Biology (GWU)
BS- Biology (MSU)
RYT- 500 (Yoga Alliance)
I'm a scientist & Yoga teacher!
Yoga is science- the science of life-hmm that's the definition of Biology too ;-)


I’m Amy Jeanguenat but everyone calls me Amy J and you can too!

I moved to the Charlottesville area from the suburbs of Washington DC during the COVID-19 pandemic. I have been working in the criminal justice field for the last 18 years as a forensic DNA expert including running the operations of a crime laboratory.

I saw a lot of horrible things working criminal cases and while sometimes I knew the impact being made, many times I had no idea what happened with any of the cases I worked on. When you see things every day that seem unfair, unjust, and hurtful it is hard to not think this might impact you in some way.


Without knowing what the terms meant I began experiencing symptoms of burnout and vicarious trauma. These did not just impact my work life but of course, spilled into all areas of my life. The culture in which I worked chalked this up to ‘normal.’


The advice often heard was, 'you need to have a special compartment in the brain to deal with things'. While compartmentalizing is a coping mechanism short-term, it is no way to handle long-term effects. When I noticed this about myself, I could see similar pain in my coworkers and colleagues across the Country.

This was a huge wake-up call for me and I had to do something. Learning how to regulate my nervous system with pattern interruptions, breathing, and meditation was key in my own healing. These tools are a cornerstone of my practice and what I enjoy teaching others.

Since 2016 I have been publically speaking on the topics of stress, burnout and vicarious trauma. I help others understand how these labels impact their lives and teach sustainable solutions for shifting towards thriving. I don’t consider myself a ‘typical’ yoga teacher (at least how they are portrayed in the West). I use movement as a tool to process issues stuck in the body but, rest, self-care rituals, and season living are part of the secret sauce I find valuable to feel great!        

Certified Teacher
1100 hours combined meditation & yoga teacher training

Certified Teacher
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